Breastfeeding A Child With Food Allergies


I am a wife, mother of two handsome boys and a chef by trade. I did my culinary school in Italy, so you can imagine how much I love all things cheese, ice cream, butter….you could say I am somewhat of a dairy connoisseur. Did I mention I love cheese haha.  

In all seriousness I never thought I would have to cut dairy out of my diet. I am sure most of you dairy lovers dread the thought of giving up that chocolate gelato or that perfectly aged Parmesan Reggiano cheese….well that soon became my reality. About two weeks after I delivered my first baby, I noticed he was really fussy. Being a first time mother, I didn’t know what was normal so I asked my mom;  she told me he was the fussiest baby she had ever been around (in a nice way of course). OK so I’m not going crazy! What was making my sweet little newborn so upset? I knew something wasn’t right.

Like many moms, I wanted to breastfeed my baby to give him all those yummy antibodies and to give him the “liquid gold” everyone talks about…. well that liquid gold was more like liquid poison. I had no idea my milk was the problem.

I was doing everything possible to try to figure out what was bothering him.  We tried gripe water, gas drops, we even tried prescription medication for acid reflux but nothing seemed to be helping him. Then I thought maybe I wasn’t giving him enough milk so I decided to give formula a try.  The milk touched his face and instantly it left a rash.

I knew something wasn’t right, but still didn’t think he had a milk allergy (I must have been in denial because it was pretty obvious right!).  I set up an appointment with the pediatrician and he told me to try to cut out all dairy from my diet…….WHAT! Did I just hear that right…. Ummmm, Ya right! Me the cheese loving, gelato eating chef give up dairy! NO WAY!!!! I still remember going home from that visit and feeling utterly and unequivocally depressed. I know, I know it sounds stupid but seriously this was a challenge for me. Even though I was frustrated, I decided to do it just to see if that was really the culprit.

Sure enough within 2 days of me cutting out all dairy I had a NEW baby! It was seriously amazing to see my sweet little baby smiling and happy instead of screaming his head off. The sacrifice was well worth it; even for me, the cheese addict!

Months went by and things got so much easier. I began loving my new dairy free diet! I began being creative in the kitchen and finding recipes that I could share with other dairy free dieters and I truly felt inspired. Soon enough my passion became all things food allergies.  

That’s where Coral and I teamed up and started this amazing journey. Food allergies can be challenging and sometimes you can feel frustrated and alone, but I am here to tell you it does get better! We want you to know you can live a fun, fulfilling life and still enjoy food. I PROMISE! We would love to hear your stories about when you found out you or a loved one had a food allergy. 

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