Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

Chanelle… she has changed all of our lives for the better! Since birth, she has been small for her size so it was no surprise to me that she was not even on the charts at all of her doctor’s appointments. Just before her third birthday, she started to have really random symptoms.

As a third time mom, I was’t too concerned, but she was constipated, had eczema, was very whinny, and occasionally would throw up. It wasn’t until she came running into the house screaming as she held her pony tail with her hair in her hand that I knew something was seriously wrong! Yep she was holding a third of her hair in her hand. I immediately called the doctor, by the time she got into her appointment she had lost about half of her hair.

We went through so many appointments and specialists.  We were running tests for everything trying to figure out what was wrong. As they thought it could be cancer, you can only imagine how I was feeling as mom... so helpless and so scared. We all were extremely worried. Cancer tests came back clear… as relieved as we were, we just wanted answers. Then, knowing my brother and niece have celiac disease, I insisted she get tested for Celiacs. Sure enough, after blood work and a biopsy, it was confirmed.

The journey has not been easy. But it has been so rewording! Rewording to see her hair growth, her physical growth, her skin color, her overall health! She is turning 5 this week and is very aware of what people are eating around her and knows when to stay away. She knows safe brands and never accepts food from others... she knows what gluten does to her body and has no desire to risk getting 'Gluten'. 

To learn more about how to help your child be positive while transitioning to a new restricted diet see the video below


Take a journey through my gluten free pantry to see our favorite GF brands and to also see how I separate the few gluten items that we have for other members of our family!


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