How To Make Your Pantry Gluten Free And Safe

Gluten free pantry

When Chanelle was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I sure was lost and confused!  I just wanted to wrap my head around what brands and foods were safe.

What should my pantry look like??? What do other gluten free pantry's look like??

 I actually called a few friends and family and asked them to send me pictures of their pantry and fridge. I wanted to see what my new 'NORMAL' was going to be like. 

To be honest, when they sent me the pictures, I was pleasantly surprised and immediately felt empowered. Their food looked somewhat familiar actually really familiar. As daunting as this task was... after I got my pantry in order I felt so relieved and to be honest I felt amazing!!!

Watch my video of my pantry now. I share tips and tricks on how I organized myself, my family and my home by being safe!

Now you may be thinking, well that is great, I'm happy for your organization... but by sharing this, I want YOU to be inspired and get organized too!

Follow these few steps and you will be well on your way!!!

1. Learn safe and friendly brands like the ones I have shown in this video. Do some research. Follow us on instagram @AllergyReality for our product reviews and extra support.

2. Divide your pantry into sections of safe zones and unsafe zones.

3. Get something to label your unsafe foods. I love this glitter tape! That made this process fun and helped me label everything so the rest of the family, extended family, babysitters etc. will be aware and feel comfortable in your home.

4. Also, grab an actual labeler this is the one that I bought and helped with word labeling... some things need to be spelled out.

5. Grab some baskets and other fun organizing dividers to help keep you in line and organized... believe me, it is way more fun when your end project looks clean and inviting! Having these baskets and organizers will not only make it look amazing but you will be organized. You will immediately know what you are getting low on and be able to replace it when needed.

6. Place your food in their right sections. If you have ANY questions about a product if is safe or not, CALL the number on the package and ask for yourself. I know this is such a tedious task... but it is sooo worth it. Spend a morning or afternoon on the phone. Once you are confident about all the foods you have in your home, the greater peace of mind you will have and ultimately the safer your family will be. 

Don't be discouraged... it is tough to wrap your head around it all... but it will be soooo worth it! Believe me, I have been in your shoes! xox Coral

P.S. be prepared for spending a bit more in groceries... yikes... priorities have to change... but again it is so worth it❤️

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