Slumberkins Meets The Formula Cookbook

There is something special about cooking with your kids, but there is something EXTRA special when cooking with your kids while camping!

Having food allergies and celiac disease doesn't stop us... Check out who has joined our family this summer....

Slumberkin Big Foot

The Slumberkins, BIGFOOT, has a special meaning in our home... one of comfort, loyalty & adventures. We love him so much we decided to make him a cookbook for our big camping trip this summer!

He is our little adventure buddy and loves to be outside in the fresh air. BigFoot is loved by each of my kids ages 8, 7, 5 and 3! He is so soft & cuddly and my kids take him literally EVERYWHERE!  He brings positivity, comfort, and excitement to all of our adventures.

We started cooking with Bigfoot using The Formula Cookbook in the kitchen, we thought, why not make a mini cookbook for all our camping adventures and s'more cravings!  All these recipes give you allergen safe options, are easy and kid approved.  Here is a little sneak peek...


Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

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A little bit about Bigfoot: he loves to camp, he loves to be outdoors, he loves cooking and he especially loves s'mores!  He is the newest addition to the Slumberkin family.  With the same lovable face as their original Bigfoot Snuggler, they developed this Slumberkin with the intention of promoting positive self-esteem for children of all ages and life challenges.  For us that is celiac disease and food allergies. 

The amazing thing is that the Bigfoot Stuffie is accompanied by a keepsake self-esteem affirmation card and a board book.  Which we read together and talk about how we can be positive with celiac disease and food allergies as a family. Grab your own Bigfoot Stuffie, click here

Slumberkin Big Foot Story

Here are some more product details. 

 Product Details:

  • Bigfoot is made out of the softest ultra-plush fabric and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.
  • 100% Polyester Material
  • Bigfoot measures 16 inches tall from head to toe.
  • They intentionally designed the Slumberkins without any small, detachable plastic pieces.

All slumberkin animals are designed to promote positive life skills.  Their mission is to provide parents or caregivers with resources that promote positive skills, while being the cutest, snuggle worthy best friends for little ones. 

Slumberkin Camping Recipes


  • Big foots a big part of our family we sleep with him every night and read our different slumberkins books each night depending on our day/life events. Love the stuff tho! We hope more animals are to come

    Rachel h
  • What a neat idea! The recipe above looks delicious ♥️


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