Couples Premier Intolerance Test (2)

Couples Premier Intolerance Test (2)

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Our most comprehensive test for intolerances/sensitivities for couples or two people.

Using the latest in bio-technology, the allergy/intolerance test uses your hair sample to test 300 different food and 300 different non-food items to see which of those items might cause you a reaction due to having an allergy/intolerance.

We will also give guidance on how your individual intolerances can be reduced or even eliminated completely.

For a full list of items tested for this test please see below link

300 food items tested
300 non-food items tested

Your PDF report emailed to you detailing your results
A helpful guide on how to perform an elimination diet
Full item list available for download
Our exclusive 19-page allergy guide (sample)

Please note: return postal charges apply

The Test: Our Premier Test offers a diagnosis of 300 food items and 300 non-food items in one easy to understand report. Plus, you will receive a comprehensive guide helping you eliminate possible intolerances from your diet. PLUS, tests also include our exclusive nutrition and metals toxicity test. Get the full body analysis you’ve been looking for. Full item list available for download.

Quick & easy: Simple and secure payment, you will be sent a test kit with a prepaid envelop to mail out your hair sample and the results report of your potential allergies emailed to you in just 7-10 working days of receipt at our lab.

Our laboratories & Technology: Our Mars III bioresonance equipment is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485.


Free 19-page Allergy Guide: Each test includes a completely free 19-page comprehensive guide which will further explain your results and help you to feel better faster with easy to follow hints and tips from our team of nutritionists.

Testing: We have now completed tests on over 400,000 samples received Worldwide. Our test requires a few of your hairs in order to provide results.

Our Promise: We offer 24-hour (Monday – Friday) customer support and advice. Our customer satisfaction is currently 99.5%. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all tests.

Order today: Discover if a non-IgE-mediated food allergy, food intolerance or food sensitivity is affecting your life.