Intolerance Test For Pets

Intolerance Test For Pets

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PREVENT DISEASE: Dogs and cats suffer from many chronic allergies. They develop skin issues that cause them to scratch and chew at their wounds. This is typically caused by an unnatural grain kibble diet that is full of other junk. Our tests will help you discover what your pet is intolerant to and assist you in finding the perfect diet for them.

PAIN-FREE SAMPLING: Our test utilizes the cells found in your pet's hair. No need to prick their paws and draw blood. You know how much they LOVE getting their paws touched. Cutting a couple pieces of hair is pain free and simple. It makes it very easy to get yourself and pets tested, too! See our testing kits for children and pets on our product page.

GET RESULTS FAST: Competitors' products take 4-6 weeks for results. Ours come is 2-3 weeks! Don't spend any more time exposing your pets to foods they're intolerant to. Get them a healthy, shiny coat fast!

EXTENSIVE TESTING: Affordable Allergy Test provides the most comprehensive allergy testing system on Amazon. We test for potential allergens and intolerances including over 100 food and environmental items. We test for common intolerances including gluten, milk, nut, soy, egg, pollen and latex even pumpkin, lemon, spinach, and cedar! If they're intolerant to it, we will find it!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We know our customers will love our process and results. If you don't believe our system was the easiest way to test their sensitivities at home or if you aren't satisfied with the results and excited for the new healthy life, pain and itch free, they're about to have, let us know and we will issue you a prompt and full refund.

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