Childrens Test

Childrens Test

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PAIN-FREE SAMPLING: Our test utilizes the DNA found in your child's hair. No need to prick their finger and draw blood. Cutting a couple pieces of hair is pain free and simple. It makes it very easy to get yourself and pets tested, too! See our testing kits for adults and pets on our product page.

EXTENSIVE TESTING: Affordable Allergy Test provides the most comprehensive allergy testing system. We test for over 600 items, this includes 300 food intolerances and 300 environmental allergens. We test for common intolerances including gluten, milk, nut, soy, egg, and pumpkin.

FEEL YOUR BEST: Over 145 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic allergy. Eating foods you're intolerant to can cause bloating, inflammation, aches and pains, and many respiratory issues. Even "healthy" foods can cause inflammatory responses if eaten frequently. Know what is safe and what to avoid quickly and easily!

GET RESULTS FAST: Competitors products take 4-6 weeks for results. Ours come is 2-3 weeks! Don't spend any more time exposing you kids to foods they're intolerant to. Have them feeling better fast!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We know our customers will love our process and results. If you don't believe our system was the easiest way to test their sensitivities at home or if you aren't satisfied with the results and excited for the new healthy lifestyle your kids are about to lead, let us know and we will issue you a prompt and full refund.