Family of 4 Premier Test

Family of 4 Premier Test

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 Our most comprehensive test for allergy/sensitivities for a family or four people.

Using the latest in bio-technology, the allergy/sensitivities test uses your hair sample to test 300 different food and 300 different non-food items to see which of those items might cause you a reaction due to having an allergy/intolerance.

We will also give guidance on how your individual intolerances can be reduced or even eliminated completely.

The Test: Our Family Test offers a diagnosis of 300 food items and 300 non-food items in one easy to understand report for four people. Plus, you will receive a comprehensive guide helping you eliminate possible intolerances from your diet. PLUS, tests also include our exclusive nutrition and metals toxicity test. Eat out again without worry as a whole family! Full item list available for download.

Quick & easy: Simple and secure payment, downloadable submission forms and the results report of your potential intolerances emailed to you in just 7-10 working days of receipt at our lab, usually 21 days in total including shipping to our test centre.

Our laboratories & Technology: Our Mars III bioresonance equipment is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a according to ISO EN 13485.


Free 19-page Allergy Guide: Each test includes a completely free 19-page comprehensive guide which will further explain your results and help you to feel better faster with easy to follow hints and tips from our team of nutritionists.

Testing: We have now completed tests on over 400,000 samples received Worldwide. Our test requires a few of your hairs in order to provide results.

Our Promise: We offer 24-hour (Monday – Friday) customer support and advice. Our customer satisfaction is currently 99.5%. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all tests.

Order today: Discover if non-IgE-mediated food allergies, food intolerances or food sensitivities are affecting your life.